Chuck Close, Big Self Portrait

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Best Pencil Sketches Artist in the World

Best pencil sketches. When talking about who is the best pencil sketches in the world ?, almost all of them answered Leonardo Da Vinci because of the innovation he showed to the world. Or Ralph McQuarrie who has different drawing pencils types? Ralph McQuarrie has the best conceptual pencil sketch, Star Wars. The best drawing pencils brand is up to personal preference to judge.

Best Pencil Sketches Artist in the World

Best Pencil Sketches Artist in the World (

The pencil sketch

is an art medium that has its challenges, this can be done from the best drawing pencils for beginners to experts. From black and white, from pencil strokes to best pencils for drawing and shading, pencil sketches have loyal fans.
Of the various best pencil sketches for competition or not, pencil sketch finally raises many artist names. They did something extraordinary in their work.

1. Cas Artistiq

Drawing pencils names artists include Cas, or widely known as Artistiq on many social networks. This Canadian artist is widely known for his work throughout the world. Not much different from other artists Cas also follows the development of the era by using digital and traditional media. Cas painted a lot of celebrities, some of which were Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, etc. Find more at

Robert Pattinson By Cas Artistiq

Robert Pattinson By Cas Artistiq (

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2. Monica Lee

This pencil artist from Malaysia has a dedication of time and energy that is proven to produce different pencil sketch works. Monica Lee uses graphite pencils no longer the best mechanical pencil for sketching. The resulting images mostly photo realistic images. What makes it different is the detailed picture, really like the original. The objects he took also varied from pictures of animals, humans, products, etc. Monica Lee is also creative in digital painting using image software that is widely used by most people, photoshop. His digital works are no less good with his sketched pencil. Find more at

Sebastian By Monica Lee, Graphite On Daler Rowney Cartridge Paper

Sebastian By Monica Lee, Graphite On Daler Rowney Cartridge Paper (

3. Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan or ‘good drawer’ is the shortest child in the class. But that’s not the case with his paintings. The child who grew up north of this year began drawing since he was a teenager. From works of science fiction to horror in press magazines. Shaun graduated from the University in 1995, and currently works as an artist and writer in Melbourne. Shaun himself had received a joint award in English Fine Art and Literature. Find more at

Lost Thing By Shaun Tan Film Concept Art

Lost Thing By Shaun Tan Film Concept Art (

4. Adonna Khare

California State University Long Beach awarded an American Master of Fine Art title, Adonna Khare. This artist who focuses on carbon pencils has won the biggest art competition in the world ArtPrize. Competing with more than 1500 artists from all over the world, his work has been collected by prestigious public and private collections around the world. Find more at

Fox Funny Drawing By Adonna Khare

Fox Funny Drawing By Adonna Khare (

5. Chris Feiro

Chris Feiro is an observational painter. The assistant professor of painting and drawing at the Community College of Philadelphia is an artist in Philadelphia, America. Chris Feiro uses oil or charcoal media, and many spend his time in the studio where he works separately from his home. Get to know Chris Feiro better at

Basement East View By Chris Feiro

Basement East View By Chris Feiro (

6. Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti is from the city of Borgonovo, Switzerland. He is not only a painter but also a sculptor. Paris concludes his workplace and choice of residence, 1922. This veteran artist died on January 11, 1966, but until now his work has always inspired young artists today.

Jean Genet By Alberto Giacometti

Jean Genet By Alberto Giacometti (

7. Kathe Kollwitz

Kathe Kollwitz adopted graphic arts as her main media. His work tells a lot about the situation of the workers and peasants and draws from his own socialist and anti-war sentiments. He presents works that are characterized by graphic and expressive power. The times of war underlie the character of the picture. From historical and contemporary wars in the first decade of the 20th century, Kathe Kollwitz managed to map her way in the developing world of modern art.

Kathe Kollwitz, Self Portrait With Hand To Forehead

Kathe Kollwitz, Self Portrait With Hand To Forehead (

8. Chuck Close

Besides being known as a painter, Chuck Close is also known as a photographer. The artist who was born July 5, 1940, in America often painted abstract portraits of himself and others, who hang in international collections. Chuck Close also makes portrait photos using a very large format camera. Although the collapse of the spinal arteries in 1988 left him paralyzed, he continued to paint. Find more at

Chuck Close, Big Self Portrait

Chuck Close, Big Self Portrait (

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