Illustration Of Lion Image   

Easy Animal Sketches For Children

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Easy Animal Sketches For Children.

Easy Animal Sketches For Children

Easy Animal Sketches For Children

Easy animal sketches. Children most like to draw, although not yet be able to draw realistic easy animal drawings. Below will be included several examples of simple wild animal drawings. Although there are a lot of media and drawing tools available, this time we will review animal drawings in pencil. This is an animal sketch for beginners, even it will be very easily understood by children. Pictures of animals are easy drawings, among others; dogs, birds, geese, etc. Follow the step by step from the following tutorial to get cool animal drawings easy.

How To Easy Animal Sketches For Children
How To Easy Animal Sketches For Children (

Drawing animals for children is good to try even though children are synonymous with playing, watching TV, playing games and others. But almost every child must be happy with drawing and coloring lessons, especially those who are still in elementary and kindergarten.

Drawing or coloring is an excellent activity and performance that is very helpful in the child’s brain developing imagination and thinking to combine the right colors for their pictures. For example coloring pictures of animals, coloring pictures of planes, robots, scenery and so on.

Simple animal drawings outline :

Illustration of Elephant Image

Illustration Of Elephant Image Easy Animal Sketches
Illustration Of Elephant Image Easy Animal Sketches

1. Draw a circle and a large oval circle attached to the circle.
2. Draw ivory elephants using curved lines and ears using a wide inverted C shape.
3. Draw the limbs using a set of parallel lines.
4. Add eyes using small circles and eyebrows using small streaks. Add large protruding teeth by using curved lines and sketching a few scribbles on the top of the elephant’s trunk.
5. Draw the entire head and ears using lines of the shape.
6. Sketch the body and limbs from the outline drawn before.
7. Add the tail using two curved lines and a little hair at the end of the tail. Draw the elephant’s nails using curved lines
8. Erase unnecessary lines.
9. Color your image to make it look more attractive.

Illustration Of Elephant Image
Illustration Of Elephant Image

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Illustration of Lion image

Illustration Of Lion Image Easy Animal Sketches
Illustration Of Lion Image Easy Animal Sketches

1. Draw a small circle for the lion’s head. Also, draw a rectangular shape with smooth corners for the body.
2. Draw eyes with small circles. Make his nose by drawing a trapezoid connected to a circle. Then draw the tail with a curved line.
3. Draw body parts – all four legs in a rectangular or rectangular shape with smooth angles.
4. Draw details of the feet with a small circle and rectangle connected at the edges.
5. Draw details of the lion’s face and tail.
6. Perfect the picture using curved lines to resemble the real lion.
7. Thicken the lines with a pen and erase unnecessary sketches
8. Color according to the picture.

Illustration Of Lion Image
Illustration Of Lion Image

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