Harley And Joker Drawings

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Harley And Joker Drawings Step By Steps

Harley and joker drawings

Harley and joker drawings, the primary individual you’ll work on is Harley Quinn. Draw the define of her face like so, then draw the neck and jester type hat.

Harley And Joker Drawings

Harley And Joker Drawings

Frame her face with the lining from her hood. When that’s performed you need to draw the mask over her eyes, then draw in the closed eye and definition along the lining of her jaw.

Continue to work on Harley Quinn by drawing her shoulder and arm, then draw the collar flaps that dangle on her back. Add diamond sample to the shoulder sleeve like so, then shade them in.

Joker has a coronary heart-formed face right here so that is your guide to drawing it in. As soon as that’s complete all it’s essential to do is draw the ear and some of his sideburns.

Draw and color within the eyebrow, then sketch within the slope of his nose.

Sketch in the remainder of Joker’s face by drawing his eyelids, frown line on the facet of his nostril, then draw the reduce line down the length of his cheek like so. When that’s carried out add detailing inside the ear.

Finish working on Joker’s face and head by sketching out his hairstyle. When that’s achieved you possibly can draw the left shoulder which is slopped down.

Lastly, attract the rest of his jacket or torso. You have to add the tie, jacket flaps, and sleeves. Erase the errors and you’re achieved with this drawing task.

The road artwork should seem like the drawing you see here. Is not it cute how their lips lock to one another.

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