Joker And Harley Quinn Movie

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Joker And Harley Quinn Movie Animated Collection

Joker and harley quinn movie

Joker and harley quinn movie, did Joker kill Batman’s parents? The one model by which the Joker did kill Bruce Wayne’s parents (excluding Elseworlds and parallel Earths) was the 1989 Batman movie. In the film, they have been killed by Jack Napier (a pun on the phrase ‘jackanapes’), who later grew to become the Joker. So the answer is no, except within the 1989 movie.

Joker And Harley Quinn Movie

Joker And Harley Quinn Movie

What’s Harley Quinn’s nickname?
The Cupid of Crime, The Maiden of Mischief

Why does Harley name Joker Puddin? And why does Harley Quinn name the Joker “Puddin’?” The answer is easy: very similar to how they are saying within the Southern parts of America “Bless your heart,” when Harley calls Joker “puddin’,” it’s her method of claiming, “Straightforward, darling, easy.”

Who is Harley Quinn’s sister?
Delia Quinzel, Delia Quinzel is the sister of Harley Quinn and the adoptive mom (aunt) of Lucy.

Are Joker and Batman brothers? That’s proper: Batman and Joker are half-brothers, at the very least by Penny. The film by no means explicitly makes clear whether or not that’s true or not. Although the film is populated with comic guide characters, no iteration of Batman has revealed Bruce is expounded to his final archenemy. (He is famously an only child.)

Is the Joker adopted? Discovering the truth – he was adopted and abused as a baby – sends Arthur over the sting: he suffocates his schizophrenic mom (Frances Conroy), stabs a former co-worker (Glenn Fleshler) who gave him that gun, and discovers his relationship with Sophie Dumond (Zazie Beetz) was a lie.

Does Joker kill Sophie? IndieWire lately asked Phillips about Sophie’s destiny during a video interview with Anne Thompson, to which the director doubled down on the reply that Sophie is alive at the end of “Joker.” “He does not kill her, definitively,” Phillips said. The shot would have confirmed outright that Arthur didn’t kill Sophie.

Does Joker have a son? “Sure! On Batman The Brave And The Daring, he had a son known as Joker Junior. He had a daughter(not biologically), who found his sliced face within the sewers and read a be aware of him.

How a lot older is Joker than Harley? Harley is likely to be between 25-30 years previous, and Joker could be 40-50 years old. In actuality, Harley Quinn has been around for 27 years since her debut in the 90s Batman animated collection, whereas the Joker has been around for 80 years since his debut within the comics.

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